Indulging a longstanding desire to work with wood while designing pieces that reconcile distinctly traditional features with the clean lines favoured by modern trends is no small feat, but Scandola Mobili intends to rise to the challenge with its new Maestrale line.

Materials that can be termed traditional, such as brushed spruce, are skilfully teamed with others of a more contemporary nature, like eco-concrete.

At the same time, the severity of the contemporary language is softened by elements that give a nod to tradition, such as the panel doors or the posts that punctuate the run of doors: features that hark back to a traditional style but are pared back and stripped of frills.

This modern approach, simplified by contemporary-oriented features, such as the finger pull or groove, applied to elements borrowed from the country style, such as the tongue-and-groove door, results in a modern container pervaded by a lingering flavour of old-fashioned style.

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